Hay Bay

10kW ground mount solar

SOLBright's 10kW ground mount solar near Hay Bay, successfully uses a great combination of components. Conergy's Solar Giant III racking, SunTech panels, and SMA's 5000 Watt Sunny Boy Inverters together are producing more power than originally predicted and taking carbon out of the atmosphere. This robust system will be producing power for many years to come.


10kW Ground Mount Seasonal Tracker

This 10kW pole mounted seasonal tracking system uses Conergy 235 Watt Panels and Enphase D380 Micro Inverters. Its unique design features allow it to be manually moved several times a year to track the sun during the seasons. This system will produce maximum power while employing Micro Inverter technology.


10kW Sloped Roof Mount

A 10kW sloped roof mount installation, this system uses Shuco 220 Watt panels, PLP racking, and SMA 5000 Watt Sunny Boy Inverters. This package was easy to work with and well put together. This roof was ideally sloped and pointed directly at solar South, it will produce lots of power and take out tons of carbon from the atmosphere.