• SOLBright will design and build MicroFIT Solar projects for homeowners, business owners, land owners, building owners and farmers.
  • We will help our partners to understand the MicroFit program.
  • SOLBright will also help in understanding the costs and the potential revenue associated with producing energy from solar panels.
  • We can provide sun tracking and solar site analysis, using solar pathfinder and solmetrics. This can be incorporated into RETScreen, Solmetrics or PV Watts, if desired!!
  • SOLBright provides all Ontario Power Authority's ( OPA ) and Hydro One Document preparation.
  • We will interface with Hydro One and Municipal governments, securing necessary permits.
  • SOLBright can provide maintenance and monitoring of Solar systems.
  • We have partnered with major banks to help you secure financing for your MicroFIT project.
  • We use a variety of racking systems that are either fixed, seasonal or motorized trackers.
  • SOLBright uses both Micro and String Inverters.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction minimizes breakdown and corrosion of components.